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weathering the storm

When we say 24-7 emergency call out service, we don't just mean when the weather's nice! We'll be there rain, hail, snow, sleet or shine, day or night.
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back up in no time

This lease setup will get this dairy factory back up and running within 5 minutes of a power outage. Six 1250kVA generators with step-up transformer, HV switch and a 20,000 litre diesel fuel cell provide stand by emergency power should there be a power failure.
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substation on wheels

Portable generator-powered substation working on a spare line to power customers in a remote country area when the power lines had been knocked down by trees in a storm. This powered substation comprises of a diesel tank, 800kVA generator, step-up transformer and HV switch, all being controlled from a computer...
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pump action power

Two 1,400kVA generators with two bulk diesel tanks work seven days a week powering the pumps that pump sand from remote parts of this sand mine to the processing plant.
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Keeping the wine cool

GRS were able to provide additional chilling capacity as well as emergency power backup should it be required at one of Hawke's Bay's largest wineries during the vintage period.
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plug and play

Setup of 2,500kVA portable substation with 2x 5,000 litre fuel cells completed, ready to run.
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city skating

A 750kw chiller being used to run a temporary ice skating rink in Aotea Square, Auckland City. Decommissioning the rink also included one of our boilers to melt the ice.
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network power support

Two 1,250kVA / 50 litre Cummins generators with a portable substation set up, providing voltage support at 11,000 volts during peak times for the network.
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power when you need it

Truck mounted 800kVA generator and a bulk fuel tank. The generator is a 100% bunded unit and available for emergency call out and short term rental. The generator seen here is ready to supply temporary power for a water pump station.
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recycling at its best

2,650kVA of generation running a metal shredding plant capable of shredding a whopping 25 tonnes per hour, sorting steel, copper, aluminium, stainless steel and plastic into bins to be transported for recycling.
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quiet power

Truck mounted 500kVA generator with a sound rating of only 55dB(A) – roughly the same noise level as a normal conversation – for network work in built up areas to minimise any sound disturbance. The generator seen here will provide temporary power to our valued network customers during planned maintenance work.
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super power

If you’re going to keep the champagne chilled and the caviar on ice on the world’s 9th largest super yacht, you’re going to need some decent power while you’re sitting at the dock.
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taking temperature control to a whole new level

In early 2015 Generator Rental Services were contracted to replace a failed air conditioning chiller unit on the roof of Export House in Vincent Street, Auckland. 
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chilling with fonterra

In 2014 Fonterra commissioned Generator Rental Services to supply two of our 750kWr chillers for long term lease at one of their dairy factories. 
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