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silent nights

Generator Rental Services have recently imported a number of Super Silent 500kva Generators to add to our already impressive fleet of modern machines available for rent.


Running at an almost negligible 55db, these generators are the quietest of their size available for hire in NZ. 


To put that into perspective, a watch ticks at 20db,  a fridge runs at around 40db, and someone talking to you from 3 feet away is around 60-65db. Basically it’s no louder your washing machine. That’s pretty quiet for a generator capable of running a small neighbourhood.


These Super Silent 500kva Generators are therefore ideal for Power Networks who have to carry out routine maintenance in residential areas at night while the neighbours are asleep. 


Generator Rental Services is continually investing in the latest generator and temperature control technology from around the world, giving us the most modern and up-to-date equipment available to the market.