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taking temperature control to a whole new level

In early 2015 Generator Rental Services were contracted to replace a failed air conditioning chiller unit on the roof of Export House in Vincent Street, Auckland. 


The building had no opening windows, and without a functioning air conditioning system, the chiller needed to be replaced fast.


But speed wasn’t the only issue that needed to be addressed. The building had limited power supply and the roof was only able to withstand a certain amount of weight. Because of the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology in our 750kWr Fluid Chiller, we had the only machine in New Zealand that could cope with the smaller power supply. Not only that, but our chiller was also able to meet the low weight restrictions required for the building’s roof. 


With the right piece of kit on hand, all that was needed now was to put it where it needed to be. That meant lifting it 18 floors to the roof of the building in high winds. Not a mean feat. We worked with Auckland Cranes to successfully install the chiller onto the roof. From lifting it off the truck to connecting it up, we had the building back up and running in only 5 hours.


750kW Chiller 2