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If you’re going to keep the champagne chilled and the caviar on ice on the world’s 9th largest super yacht, you’re going to need some decent power while you’re sitting at the dock.


It’s not just about keeping the champagne cold, though. At 140m in length, this luxury liner has 7 decks that house 6 swimming pools, a gym, a helipad and a helicopter hanger, as well as a movie theatre and beauty salon. And of course the obligatory jacuzzi large enough to squeeze a dozen super models in comfortably.


With all this, and 50 staff all charging up their electric toothbrushes, this beauty of a beast required some serious grunt to keep it humming whilst enjoying its stay in Auckland. 


Enter Generator Rental Services, suppliers of power to the rich and famous. For 2 months we had one of our 1,250kva / 60hz generators sitting on the dock next to the yacht... you need a beast to run a beast, and we’ve got them. 


Jacuzzi, anyone?


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