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chilling with fonterra

In 2014 Fonterra commissioned Generator Rental Services to supply two of our 750kWr chillers for long term lease at one of their dairy factories. 


After thoroughly researching suppliers, Fonterra chose Generator Rental Services because we were the only company in New Zealand that could not only deliver on significant cost savings, but was also able to meet the strict environmental standards demanded by Fonterra.


Our chillers are all late model units, therefore run with the best technology available. The gas used in our machines has less environmental impact with an ozone depleting potential of 0.


Our chillers are also the only machines available in the country that use Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology. VSD allows precise control of the output capacity of the chillers, resulting in a massive reduction in energy output. This in turn translates to significantly reduced operation and maintenance costs. Fonterra Longburn potentially saved up to 30% reduction in chiller running costs in the first year alone.